Expanding human activities beyond Earth
KURS Orbital is building the infrastructure that makes it possible for truly scalable industry to thrive in space. Our on-orbit servicing platform makes up the base layer supporting thousands of future businesses.
I see before us two basic choices. There can be more wars, more restrictions on individual freedom as we battle in what has to be a zero-sum game over the resources of our planet. Or a new flowering of opportunity with wealth for all humanity and the arts, as we open a new frontier in space with more than a thousand times the land area and resources of planet Earth.
Gerard K. O'Neill
First International Space University, MIT, Boston, 1988.
Provide sustainable on-orbit servicing to support all industry beyond Earth.
ARCap Module by Kurs Orbital enables rendezvous in fully autonomous mode.
Based on the KURS heritage rendezvous system:
300 successful dockings in space since 1985

Progress to date

Newly developed Kurs rendezvous system on board the Mir Space Station
Kurs system modernisation. New materials and lightweight construction
Laser rangefinder developed for Soyuz and Progress docking with ISS
New hardware framework and software platform developed for Soyuz and Progress spacecraft.
Rendezvous system design for reusable on-orbit servicing platform
Rendezvous-acquisition concept with machine vision, radar capabilities and robotics
Kurs on-orbit servicer concept based on autonomous rendezvous-acquisition system
Kurs Rendezvous Module design
Kurs Orbital HQ in Italy, ESA BIC Turin
ARCap Module development starts
On-orbit servicing mission in LEO
Our Team
  • Vadim Vasiliev
    On-orbit servicing pioneer, Chairman of the Ukrainian Space Association, board member at KURS scientific complex.
  • Volodymyr Usov
    NewSpace entrepreneur, member at International Academy of Astronautics, former Chairman of the State Space Agency of Ukraine.
  • Paolo Vita
    Experienced managing director with with a demonstrated history of working in aerospace and communications industries.