Cargo Space Container — foundation for sustainable space logistics
Kurs Orbital designed a Tug-and-Container System, which relies on reusable space tug and cargo space container, as a solution for sustainable space logistics.
The system involves launching a container loaded with cargo to a staging orbit for pick up by a space tug, which then transports it to its destination using Kurs cooperative rendezvous and docking system.
Multimodality and Reusability
The idea is to have a standardized interface for containers so that they can be moved by transporters specialized for each leg of the trip, such as ships, trucks, and rail flatcars. The equivalent transport modes in space will be launch vehicles and space tugs.
Standardization of the Cargo Conrainer
With reduced costs, Tug-and-Container system will open the ISS and future space habitats to new contractors, significantly decreasing resupply mission prices and democratizing space operations for businesses and scientific institutions all over the world.
The cargo space container will be able to autonomously dock with the space tug or another space container (creating space container terminal in orbit) utilizing Kurs cooperative rendezvous and docking system. The container will have active and passive parts of the docking system from both sides to dock with space habitats using the common berthing mechanism (CBM).
Kurs Cooperative Rendezvous and Docking System